Simon needs urgent surgery for bladder stones!
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About Simon

Simon is a cuddly and playful 3-year-old cat who was rescued from the street by his loving guardian Molly. After being treated last week for a urethral blockage, Simon was sent home and appeared to be recovering well. Unfortunately, his recovery took a turn when Molly noticed that he seemed uncomfortable and was having trouble urinating. She rushed him back to the vet, who found that he has bladder stones and needs emergency surgery to remove them. Without urgent treatment, bladder stones can cause the bladder to rupture or cause other life-threatening complications. 

Molly is a full-time student who does everything she can to ensure that Simon lives a happy and healthy life. The surgery that Simon now needs is beyond what Molly is able to manage on her tight budget. Your donation today will help Simon get the surgery he needs to ease his pain and come home safe. Can you help?